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Analsex lima

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All variables were crossed with age groups in order to observe if there were any differences by age. The results show differences as age increases Table 2. A larger number of girlfriends at earlier ages, younger age at first ejaculation, and younger age at first coitus were found to be associated with age. Logistic regression results identified the following variables as the best predictors of sexually active males: Results from this study document a number of biological, social, and contextual factors which appear to be associated with sexual activity among Latino males living in Peru.

Study results clearly show a relationship between a male's age, social and sexual maturation, and level of sexual and contraceptive knowledge. Sexual activity was also found to be significantly associated with a variety of activities including use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, having had a girlfriend and overall number of girlfriends, age at first ejaculation, and peers who were sexually active.

Family structure was also seen to bear a relationship to sexual activity. One-fourth of the sample lived in either a single-parent or mixed family; this group was more likely to be sexually active as compared to students living with two parents. Many of the participants were also being raised in low socioeconomic family environments, which were further strained by the pressure to support extended family members. These factors may have contributed to the limited contact between parents and their children and fewer opportunities to discuss sex information.

It may also reflect parents' ambivalence towards parental messages provided to males in cultures where social norms may support a man's early sexual experience. Participating in sports selected as one of the most favorite activities among students was shown to be a protective factor against early sexual debut. Helping at home was also shown to be a protective factor, perhaps indicative of a connected relationship to the adolescent's family.

These findings point to the value of peers and fathers in the transmission of information when there is a good level of interpersonal communication Gonzalez et al. In addition, talking about sexuality with peers of both sexes, as well as their girlfriends, was associated with sexual activity. In contrast, speaking with their mothers or relying on themselves for information were found to be protective factors in delaying the onset of sexual activity. This may reflect a closer relationship with a parent who likely would discourage sexual activity and a personal quality of shyness that could also discourage sexual activity.

However, the limited reliance on teachers does not bode well for the current state of trust with this potential source of support and information about such crucial topics.

In order to assure the implementation of successful programs, it will be imperative to attract teachers who can establish a non-judgment and trusting relationship with their students. Although the majority indicated that they had an "average" to "high" degree of knowledge regarding sexuality, clearly the level of accurate knowledge is relatively limited 11 correct answers out of 20 questions.

While students who felt they had an average or high degree of knowledge tended to have sexual relations, the actual level of knowledge was not found to be associated with sexual activity. High self-ratings of knowledge, rather than their actual levels, were associated with sexual activity, and these findings are somewhat consistent with other studies who found a limited relationship between knowledge and sexual activity ENJOVEN, ; Goldfarb, ; Ruusuvaara, The majority of participants had positive attitudes towards sexual activity and the use of a contraceptive if faced with an opportunity to engage in sexual relations.

However, they also expressed ambivalent feelings regarding both sexual and contraceptive behavior. While stating that "it would be difficult to get accustomed to using a condom" and "it would be impossible to say no to having sexual relations", they also often expressed the opposite view: Thus, there are many conflicting or ambivalent attitudes and beliefs that influence sexual risk-taking behaviors that need to be considered in developing effective interventions Hodges et al.

Although the majority of respondents indicated that they would be willing to use a condom if they wanted to prevent a pregnancy and others indicated that they would be willing to seek information in a family planning center before they became sexually active, bridging intentionally into action is still evasive. Fully one-third of participants reported that they would have anal sex rather than use a condom McGuire et al.

Two-thirds of students reported that they had had their first ejaculation at 13 years of age. Biological development has been associated with earlier exposure to sexual activity and having gotten someone pregnant Halpern et al. There is also an increased probability of acquiring an STD. Furthermore, many adolescents did not see themselves as vulnerable to negative consequences, based on the high percentages of adolescents who did not know or did not believe that it was possible for them to get an STD, become infected by HIV, or get someone pregnant.

Similar findings have been observed among adolescents from other South American countries Morris, ; Milan et al. These findings may in part relate to lack of risk perception among their peers, adolescent developmental issues pertaining to not understanding the consequences of their actions, and the fact that their risk behaviors have been reinforced by their positive short-term effects e.

Almost half of male students had had sex, with early age at sexual debut. These findings further reinforce the need for specifically targeting males when they are young and creating tailored, gender-specific prevention strategies aimed at modifying attitudes and risk behaviors.

Such efforts may be especially challenging with these adolescents, because only one-fourth of students expressed their willingness to use a condoms. Many participants gave multiple reasons for not using condoms, demonstrating the strong feelings that must be overcome to increase successful condom use among this population group.

For example, the majority expressed the opinion that condoms decrease sexual pleasure Hingson et al. Half of students believed that "many of their male friends have already had sex" and the majority believed that "few or none had used a condom". These perceptions are important to consider insofar as they place additional pressure on the male.

Some of the perceptions regarding contraceptive use may in fact be accurate, as reflected in the low reported use of contraceptives in both the first and most recent acts of sexual intercourse. Despite the ambivalence regarding condom use, the majority of those who used contraceptives relied on this method for protection. This clearly points to the need to address efforts to expand and improve programs which lead adolescents to increase their sexual and contraceptive knowledge and establish the correct and consistent use of condoms among sexually active male adolescents.

This study has some design limitations, so that the findings can only be generalized to those male adolescent students with similar characteristics. In addition, we should consider the reliability of responses and potential under-reporting of sexual activity, given that data were collected in school settings.

Finally, caution is necessary in interpreting the "do not know" responses, which may reflect either not knowing what they would do under different circumstances or not knowing anything at all about the subject. We must also pursue strategies that reach males before they become sexually active.

Strategies are needed to improve established education programs on sexuality and to make condoms and other contraceptive methods more readily available, as well as to reinforce active involvement by males in contraceptive decision-making. Perhaps most importantly, programs should focus on changing underlying, often contradictory and ambivalent, sexual attitudes and risk-taking behaviors, as well as preventing the co-occurrence of risk behaviors, such as reducing alcohol and drug use along with sexual behavior in order to promote the norm of responsible sexual activity.

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